Cotton disease information for High Plains

Soil Temperatures for Cotton Planting

Management of seedling diseases of cotton

Evaluation of Body Condition Score on Cows and Bred Heifers

Managing Beef Cow Supplementation Costs

Fumonisin Not Expected to be Major Yearly Problem for Corn Producers

2017 Texas A&M AgriLife Bushland Forage Sorghum Silage Trial Preliminary Forage Yield Report

Predominate Pest Threats

Wheat Freeze Injury in Texas

2016 Texas Panhandle Cotton Variety Trials

Southern Great Plains Canola Crop Update

Mineral Supplements for Stockers Grazing Small Grains Pasture

Potential Freeze and Prussic Acid

Pick Wheat Grain Varieties for the Texas High Plains

2016 Texas High Plains Sugarcane Aphid Management Guide

The Sugarcane Aphid-Management Guidelines for Grain and Forage Sorghum in Texas

Panhandle District Quickbooks Pro Shortcourses

Rotation, Cover Crops Impact Cotton Yields More Than Tillage

Rainfall Index – Annual Forage Insurance

The Veterinary Feed Directive and Related Information for Livestock Producers


Sugarcan Aphid Report & Wheat Update

Wheat IPM Management

Late Season Wheat Management


Stem Rust


2015 Wheat Variety Trials

Sugarcane Aphids Moving North to the Panhandle

Comparison of the Yellow Sugarcane Aphid and the Sugarcane Aphid

Sugarcane Aphids & Yellow Sugarcane Aphids

Sorghum Silage a Suitable Alternative to Corn Silage, with Proper Management



Forage Quality vs. Stage of Growth Trostle 2015B

Weed Management in Texas Cotton 2014

Farm Bill Article, March 2014

Conservation Reserve Program

Recent Drought

Texas Beef Checkoff FAQ

2012 North Plains Corn Irrigation Demonstration Efficient Profitable Irrigation in Corn (EPIC)

EPIC Results Fact Sheet

2013 Wheat Variety Trial Report

2012 Wheat Variety Trial Report–TX High Plains 3Aug2012

Nitrates and Prussic Acid in Forages


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